Tuesday, 22 July 2008

And so it begins ...

I designed this hat for a friend's birthday. It's made from some baby wool left over from a previous project, and I spent a long time not being sure whether the colour was nice or gross! My flatmate told me it was nice, and the recipient wears the hat in public, so it must be passable. Here's another view.

Also, I need to share this with someone, and the whole of the internet seems as good as anyone - I was in a charity shop round the corner looking at books, and I saw 'Sophie's World' in the Romance section, and Victoria Beckham's autobiography in the Fiction section! I can only think of three possible explanations

1. Someome looked at the books and put them back in the wrong place.
2. The volunteers are dopey.
3. The volunteers have a fantastic sense of humour (nope. Can't be that one).

Ho hum.

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